Last Saturday ten children school age have been baptized here at Corpus Christi Parish. They have participated in Baptism preparation through the 2019-2020 religious education program.

Our Parish joyfully welcomes the following youngsters into God’s family:

  •  Emmanuel Jesus Areche
  •  Manuel Jesus Areche
  •  Yarilene Eduva Areche
  •  Cesar Eliazer Rivera
  •  Scarlet Sophia Luciano Villeda
  •  Aiden Jhomar Tejada
  •  Evan Eli Zuniga
  •  Aliah Elines Zuniga
  •  Aleck Agustin Zuniga
  •  Michelle Marie Zuniga

Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to grow on their faith journey. Also pray for the catechists, sponsors, and parents as well.