Bread and Roses and Holy Name Society

Donations to Bread and Roses
As we all know, COVID-19 has put a temporary halt to many of our parish ministries. Therefore, The Bread and Roses Sandwich Ministry in conjunction with the Holy Name Society will be donating gift certificates and a Christmas coffee mug to Bread and Roses to be distributed to the needy population in our area. Since the Sandwich Ministry has not donated sandwiches since March and since The Holy Name Society cannot have their annual Christmas party for exceptional children and adults, this is a wonderful alternative to continue to help those who are suffering even more during this critical time. If anyone would like to make a donation to help with this worthy cause, please send your contribution to the rectory in care of The Holy Name Society. We would be most appreciative, and you will be helping to put a smile on an otherwise fearful and anxious face of today’s poorest of the poor. May Christ’s light shine within us all and help us through the darkness we are all experiencing.
Thank-you for your kindness.
Mimi Benanti (Bread and Roses Sandwich Ministry)
Connie Pickles (Bread and Roses Sandwich Ministry)
Name Society)
Wayne Pickles (Holy Name Society)