Ministries Update

Since COVID-19 started, my Prayers and Posies, Angels of Hope and our Bread and Roses Sandwich Ministries have been temporarily halted.

Hopefully, these ministries will be able to resume when the virus subsides.  However, the Corpus Christi Card Ministry is still going strong.

With so many parishioners unable to attend Mass, it would be nice to have a thinking-of-you card sent to them so they feel they are not forgotten, so I am asking your help in getting me names of any parishioner you may think would like a card.

Also, if any parishioner is ill, please let me know so that I can send a get-well card.  I also send sympathy and birthday cards as well, so your help is important and deeply appreciated to ensure our beloved parishioners know we care. Each card is accompanied with a note and a prayer card to add just a little more caring.

Even though we are all in this together, it is easy for us to feel alone and isolated.  Our elderly parishioners are especially vulnerable to the feelings of loneliness and depression.  Thinking of them in the trials and troubles of today’s world is a beautiful way to serve God by bringing hope, caring, love and a smile to someone in need.  Feel free to call me.

Thank-you so much for any help you can provide.

Connie Pickles at 978-682-1529.