Parish Financial Report – August 23, 2020

Corpus Christi Parish, like most churches and other entities, is trying to stabilize its finances. Our parish has a great history, enriched by our various communities, and will have a great future with your help. Thanks to all who donate.


As of August 14th, as a parish, we’ve contributed $11,518 or 42% of our Catholic Appeal 2020 assessment of $27,511. For those who did NOT complete an appeal envelope last month, please take one home with you, fill it out, and return it next week. Thank you. Remember you can check off “I already gave” or I cannot give at this time”.

Parish Financial Report

Weekend Collection: August 16, 2020

 Weekly Goal                                            $6,500.00

Envelopes                                                 $3,016.00

Mailing envelopes                                   $1,112.00

Money not in envelopes                          $660.00

Total: $4,788.00

Goal +/ (-)                                        (-$1,712.00)