Mass Times

Mass Schedule

Daily Mass, except Thursdays

12:05 p.m. English. In the lower church.

Mass on Thursdays

7:00 pm Spanish Mass. Lower church.

Mass on Weekends

Mass on Holy Days

12:05 pm. English. (Upper Church)
7:00 pm. English. (Upper Church)


12:05 p.m. English. (Lower Church)

Ethnic Masses

  • Lithuanian Mass 10:30 a.m. – T.B.D.
  • Italian- English Mass 9:00 a.m. -Bilingual Mass- the 3rd Sunday of the month in the upper church.
  • Portuguese Mass: T.B.D.
  • Polish Mass: T.B.D.

Handicap logo

The Upper Church of Corpus Christi Parish is handicapped accessible.
There is a ramp entrance through the parking lot.


  • Please wash hands before leaving home.
  • Face masks are required on Church property and during Mass for adults and children of the age of reason.
  • Feel free to bring along a travel-size container of hand sanitizer or hand wipes that can be used before receiving Holy Communion.
  • Maintain social distancing protocols of 6-ft separation entering, sitting and exiting the church.
  • Entrance for Mass will be from the Ramp entrance next to the parking lot area.
  • A basket will be available for collection of tithes near the Ramp entrance of the church.
  • Seating is limited to insure proper social distancing (6-ft apart in all directions). Families and those living in the same household can sit together.
    o Some rows will be blocked off and 6ft distancing is required.
    o Ushers will be present to assist in seating.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit for a disposition of faith and generosity to enter into Mass.
  • Go to Sacramental Confession if needed

During Mass:

  • Pray along with the Mass.
  • A bow or gesture should replace a handshake or other physical signs of peace/greeting during the liturgy.
  • Holy Communion will be distributed by means of the Consecrated Host only.
  • Reception of Holy Communion on the hand is encouraged, but not required. Please be mindful to not come into contact with the priest or EMHC while receiving Holy Communion. If contact is made, the priest/EMHC will purify and sanitize their hand before continuing to distribute Holy Communion. You cannot wear gloves to receive Holy Communion.
  • Maintain social distancing protocols of 6-ft separation, even when time to come forward to receive Holy Communion.
  • Priests, deacons and other ministers of Communion, will wear a mask for the distribution of Holy Communion.
  • Remove masks only to receive Holy Communion.

Stay Home if …

  • you feel sick.
  • you suspect you may be sick.
  • you have a sick family member at home.
  • you should be under self-quarantine due to possible contact with a Covid-19 patient.
  • you are in the vulnerable population as defined by the CDC.

After Mass:

  • Private prayer is not available after Sunday Masses in order to allow the church to be reset for the next Mass.
  • When Mass is over, please do not gather in groups in the Gathering Area but continue to maintain social distancing as you exit the building. Ushers will direct everyone as how and when to exit.
  • We have provided baskets for your convenience to drop off your donations. We appreciate your faithfulness and generosity at this difficult time.

More Information

  • Holy Communion cannot yet be brought to the Sick & Homebound Parishioners.
  • Missals & Hymnals will not be in the pews. Personal missalettes
    or phone apps may be used to follow along with the readings if desired.