Word and Deed. January 17th, 2021

2ⁿᵈ Sunday in Ordinary Time

A good servant surrenders his own wants and needs so that he can do the work of the one he serves.

True service focuses on the one served. To truly be at someone’s service means that your life is given over for the sake of another. There is no thought of self, only a desire to please the other.

When we are in the service of the Lord, we quickly discover that more is gained than is lost. God is never outdone in generosity and he turns our efforts into a grace that feeds and sustains us. When we serve the Lord in each other, God fills us with all that is good and holy. Our weakness becomes our strength, our fears become our battle cry, and our humility becomes the crown of glory.

Baptism unites us to the service of Jesus, who serves the Church with His life as well as His love. Joined to Him, and with each other, we receive the power of the Holy Spirit and are called to carry on the service of Jesus each day, wherever we may be.

The opportunities to carry God’s love to those most in need present themselves every day. We just need to look and recognize the Lamb of God and follow Him to those He loves and serves.

James Gaffney
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