Word and Deed. January 24th, 2021

To walk as one

Some of the best students at our school never stop trying until they master a skill or complete an assignment or achieve a goal. It is a determination that stays focused, overcoming obstacles, solving problems and learning skills. Success comes to those who are persistent and attentive to their goals.

Motivated by love, people can be very persistent in finding help for a loved one, working for a better job, or struggling to create a better place to live and learn. Our motivation is an important part of what drives us towards our goals. It is a reason to sacrifice, work and try again until we succeed. We want what’s best for those we love.

God wants what’s best for His people. So when God calls us to love one another, we are graced and motivated to achieve great things. Our hearts are always restless as we look for God’s Presence and hold on to the hope of salvation. It is not always an easy journey. But together we persist, overcoming sin and temptation to find the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Success will come to those who answer God’s call.

James Gaffney,
Karides Lic. to Saint George Publishing